Musica Vesuviana Italy Music and Art Camp

From 25th June to 8th July I went in Salerno (Italy) for teaching Music (Clarinet, Wind Ensemble and Sing) at the International Musica and Art Camp called “Musica Vesuviana Italy Music and Art Camp”.

It was a great experience: I met terrific teachers from America (Massachussets) and I teach to amazing students come from all over the world (America, Europe,…).

We had great time also exploring the south of Italy (Rome, Pompei, Paestum) and we enjoy the company each other.

We had a wonderful final concert in wich me and my colleagues were petrified about our talented students: no words to describe the job we did.

I worked with lovely people: Tino D’Agostino, Mark Greel, Alecia Davis, Polly Ford, Pasquale Tassone.

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